The Ariel Smart Compressor

Reliability In Real-Time

The Ariel Smart Compressor is the next generation in compression monitoring, control, diagnostics, optimization, and management. The Ariel Smart Compressor is a manufacturer-installed electronic platform now offered on select Ariel compressor models. The physical system is composed of numerous sensors and harnesses that relay operating information to an onboard central processor and deliver dozens of data points, on-premise, through a digital interface, and remotely in the cloud.

Ariel Fleet Manager

The onboard thermodynamic modeling and associated operating software allow inside access to what’s going on inside your crankcase and cylinders, enabling preventative and proactive maintenance and optimization. It’s like being onsite measuring data from the compressor! 

Not only are the onboard hardware and computational results valuable, the Ariel Fleet Manager software and app provide the ability to manage your connected fleet in real-time and on mobile devices. Telematics (IoT) provides remote awareness and monitoring capability, leverages enterprise systems, and realizes remote data storage and analytics to facilitate the development of AI.


Utilizing ASC, an Ariel compressor becomes an enhanced machine through combining mechanical, electrical, and digital capabilities. ASC establishes the electronic and digital platform to realize industry-leading compressor operation and optimization.


Features & Benefits

Greater than the sum of the parts, ASC and Ariel Fleet Manager work together to make compression monitoring intuitive and straightforward.

The Ariel Fleet Manager Software and App bring the ASC hardware to life, unlocking immediate value for compressor operators by putting data at your fingertips. AFM is also robust enough to do advanced reporting and trending, informing you of operational issues before they become a problem. It makes your compressor operators and mechanics more effective and enables them to arrive onsite with a leg up on the problem.

Ariel Smart Compressor monitors, displays, and transmits your compressor conditions for you, such as:

  • Process gas pressures and temperatures
  • Valve cap temperatures
  • Lubrication cycle times
  • Bearing temperatures
  • Crankshaft torsional vibration
  • Frame Vibration

The Ariel Fleet Manager goes beyond the basics to help you transition data into usable information. You can dramatically impact operational costs by optimizing compressors and preventing compressor issues. AFM software provides:

  • Ariel Performance Program modeling
  • Trending and Graphing
  • Reporting
  • Warning and shutdown Alerts
  • Digital Twin comparison results

Ariel Smart Compressor and Ariel Fleet Manager bring together the physical and digital worlds to help compressor operators run efficient and effective fleets.

*ASC is currently available in US and Canada Only

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Ariel Smart Compressor - Unleash The Potential Of Your Compressor Operation


Reliable, Efficient Compressors

Optimizing your equipment with Ariel Smart Compressor delivers a host of green benefits, namely efficiency and reliability.  Efficient compressors use less fuel to compress your gas, and you can reduce the BHP/MMSCF over the life of your compressor. 

Knowing how your compressor is wearing increases reliability by preventing unscheduled shutdowns, which require blowing down the compressor and piping. Reliability translates into the lowest cost of ownership. Fewer trips to site reduce transportation emissions and time. Knowing when your compressor is operating as designed and keeping it running helps keep emissions lower. 


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